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1887 Cycling Sketchbook

Page 22: Knutsford Sunday 3rd July 87

This day's ride must have been at least 55 miles. The "George" will be the former Royal George Hotel, Knutsford. Gathering honeysuckles is presumably a euphemism relieving themselves!

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Knutsford, Sunday 3rd July 87

Old Bill's noted cap remains at number 13 (sketch of cap on peg)

We start at 8.45 am (two on bicycles)

The first drink - the Ship inn, Rainhill

Patton Arms: we breakfast at Warrington and leave our lamps

The roads are dusty and the flies hungry: sketch of handkerchiefs hanging from caps like mosquito nets

We have come to enjoy ourselves, not to race. We avail ourselves of a shady oak and use our Sunday Chronicles to lie on: thus do we pass on solid hour in lovely and good old superior Cheshire.

The tramp who asked for tobacco and got it.

For want of something to do we spin wheels for drinks.

We gather honeysuckle (i.e. they relieve themselves).

The George pets: Laddie (a dog), Jimmy (another dog), Polly (a parrot), Mr Jackdaw - or rather some of them

Oh that dinner: iced claret and lemonade retains record

We return covered with roses

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