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1887 Cycling Sketchbook

Page 18: Wirral B.C. (20 Miles H'cap)

This handicap was from Birkenhead to Sutton and back. The Crockeries was probably the nickname for the Victoria Lodge Hotel, the club's headquarters, where the race presumably started (Argyle St South is close by).

In the second sketch note Amy's attractive, tight-fitting attire, which is a good deal more modern looking than the more usual bloomers that were being adopted at this time by many of the new lady cyclists.

web statisticsArth rides up Argyle St South with ease; H. Ellis (heavy weight on trike) 50 minutes start; Little Tom the Nipper starts downhill upon a cripper trike

Gordon (40 minutes); Arth Kidd (15 minutes); Bruce (Starter); Amy Dutton (Scratch); W. Slade (35 minutes)

The artist beats Old Billy and does him out of an ale (sketch of Walt arriving first at a pub)

Ye judge Furniss (sitting on bridge parapet)

The nipper is taken bad and brandy is prescribed. He goes home by rail with Bob Bance (sketch of a youngster)

Gordon going under a bridge

Kidd rides into an old man who gets excited

The Wirm sputs but gets left

Drinking and smoking at the Crockeries

Result (18 miles): 1 A W Gordon 1 hour 32 minutes, 2 W H Dutton 1 hour 24 minutes 35 secs, 3 W Slade 1 hour 30 mins 30 secs, 4 T M Dutton 1 hour 55 minutes 30 secs, 5 A J Kidd 1 hour 26 mins, 6 H P Ellis 2 hours 8 minutes, 7 A M Dutton 1 hour 21 mins, C L Baker (ill), R Bruce (starter), J Furniss (judge)

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