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An 1887 Cycling Sketchbook

Page 15: To Hawarden 14th May 1887

The Duttons crossed by ferry to Birkenhead, where they presumably joined other members of the Wirral B C. Hawarden was the home of the eminent Victorian statesman and prime minister, William Gladstone.

To Hawarden, 14th May 1887

Baker (premier safety), Slade (sss), Arthur Dutton (Rudge bicyclette), Tom and Walt (S.T. tandem), Mr Fletcher (Swift Safety), meet and catch our Myers (Rudge ordinary)

The Swift Safety man tries to push a cow over (but fails)

Arthus rides the hill at Hawarden

Whom we did not see (head and shoulders sketch of Gladstone)

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Cyclist on trike. The man whom we picked up, who didn't care about riding faster than 9 miles an hour, don'tcherknow, but who was always last to drink on the home journey.

What went home by rail (Sketch of someone pushing trike)

Ice cream cart seen on the ferry boat

Also rode: Gordon & H. Kidd to Chester; the latter joined at Hawarden Tea; bicyclette

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