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An 1887 Cycling Sketchbook

Page 11: A few recollections of the Wirral B.C. 1887 Opening Run

The Wirral is the peninsula formed by the estuaries of the the rivers Mersey and Dee. Six years previously we know that Walter was living with his parents in Birkenhead, on the Wirral side of the Mersey. At some time before 1887  both his parents appeared to have died and young Walter moved to Liverpool, taking responsibility for his five siblings; but he still had family and friends living in Birkenhead. There was a frequent ferry service between Liverpool and Birkenhead.

The Wirral B C's headquarters is the Victoria Lodge Hotel in Victoria St, Birkenhead.

A few recollections of the Wirrla B C 1887 opening run

three members walk out & Billy Armstrong and I do circus riding

Superior A Mason on a light Crescent trike; AMD and Dr J on a Coventry rotary trike; good old Billy Slade on trike; H W Gordon on a high bike

Siddley (who gets his Bi stolen in Liverpool); Our Tom and HPE, the slow uns, on tandem; William Myers on an ordinary

The walkists arrive hot



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