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Arthur M Dutton

Entry in the CTC Gazette, September 1939

The exploits of some of our "vintage" veterans simply amaze me. One of the oldest riders in our Diamond Jubilee "100" last year was Arthur M. Dutton, of Liverpool, a boon companion of that other tough nut, Tom Hughes. Mr Dutton is 76, and was performing feats of considerable public interest as along ago as 1887.  Nevertheless he still covers prodigious distances, and this year has ridden to Meriden for the annual service, to Barnard Castle for the meet, to Hatfield for the F.O.T.C. (a round trip of 395 miles in 5 days), to the Lake District for a holiday, and to innumerable other places for fun. Cycling never grows stale to such an enthusiast, and Mr Dutton believes it is the prime factor in the preservation of his health and vigour. Good Luck to him!

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