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What Price A Lane of Bluebells?

Tandem club cycling on a quiet lane through banks of bluebells

Elwy Valley, Denbighshire

The UK Government is currently reviewing, through a mechanism called NATA (New Approach To Appraisal), the basis upon which transport related decisions are made.

Unless there is a fundamental change in the way we articulate and value such things as being able to enjoy a walk or cycle down a country lane in safety, or chat to a neighbour without the din of motor traffic drowning conversation, the opportunity for tackling the big problems facing the nation and planet will be lost.

The Campaign for Better Transport (formerly Transport 2000), of which CTC is an affiliate, has produced its own response. Click http://www.bettertransport.org.uk/  and click 'Better Transport Decisions: we can stop them'

With transport dominating many areas of public policy such as public health, the environment and climate change, it is crucially important that government receives an informed mandate from the public that is not just based on short term commercial expediency, but on the interests and well-being of future generations the world over.