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Welsh Traffic Planning Madness

CTC is strongly critical of the Welsh government's road plans

They harm the climate and may breach environmental laws

Plans which will shape transport policy in Wales between now and 2030 pose a serious threat to the climate and should be overhauled to give far greater priority to cycling and other sustainable transport, according to CTC, the national cyclists' organisation. Moreover, the failure to set out an alternative Strategy could breach European environmental law.

The Welsh Assembly Government has belatedly published an independent environmental assessment of its draft Wales Transport Strategy, in accordance with EU legal requirements. This assessment shows that, whilst some of the draft Strategy's green transport proposals could have important environmental benefits, proposals for road-building would have serious negative impacts, notably on climate change and air quality.

CTC Campaigns Manager Roger Geffen said: "The new assessment makes it clear that the Assembly Government's road building proposals are totally at odds with its own stated objective of tackling climate change. We believe that this should be the primary objective of the Strategy, and that the Assembly should now draw up an alternative version as required by EU law, with very different spending priorities. A more cycle-friendly strategy would be far more friendly not only to the climate, but to the health of individuals and society as well."

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Days after Llandudno gave the cold shoulder to National Cycle Route 5, the first expected traffic gridlock paralysed the town centre for two hours. With the news that Ysgol San Sior, Llandudno has won an environment award for energy conservation and sustainablity awareness, should we not question whether the wrong generation is in charge of our future