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    Do you have any photos of street furniture or signs that are interesting from a cyclist's perspective?

    Website visitors are invited to submit there own favourite photos as email attachments (jpegs if possible) to the editor.

Mixed signals at Lake Elsinore, California

Mixed signals at Lake Elsinore, California

Courtesy of www.signspotting.com



Take note!  Devore, California

Take note! Devore, California

Courtesy of www.signspotting.com


How not to save the environment, London

How not to save the environment, London

Courtesy of www.signspotting.com



Road sign near the town of Sandwich


A right kettle of fish!


A very rare example of a mobile CTC WINGED WHEEL. Sighted on the promenade at Colwyn Bay 3rd Aug 05. Owner unknown. Stickers on the rear of the vehicle suggests a Yorkshire CTC & TANDEM CLUB member. 


Observed on the cover of a book. Need one say more?


Corwen Workhouse - a cyclists' tea stop with a history: In 1902 a local guide book stated, "The Workhouse is situated in London Road. It was erected in 1839...is old fashioned in structure with an imposing entrance, evidently built when poverty was considered a crime. The more enlightened views of the present Guardians led to the old prison windows being blocked up and replaced by larger ones. The present inmates are very humanely treated and enjoy a liberty not possible in cities.

     "Across the way are the 'Tramps Wards' built in 1894. In passing one hears the tramp busily breaking his heap of stones in order to secure his release from the little cell in which he has spent the previous night. In this way he contributes to the repair of the road over which he so proudly travels." An interesting idea for the current maintenance of our roads by 'proud road users'!

     Corwen was also for a time the refuge of the the legendary New York policeman, Frank Serpico, exiled from the USA following his disclosure of police corruption. His story was made into a successful film entitled 'Serpico'.


A reminder of a simpler life. The Cocoa and Reading Room, Llandyrnog, Denbighshire. But have things really changed all that much? It's now coffee on Friday mornings


A North Wales gate sign from a time when a shilling was worth 12d and 40 shillings about 80-100 in money at today's values: failure to shut a gate could be expensive. Thanks to Alun Jones, CTC Wrexham section


Seen near Newborough, Anglesey


     In the good old days a CTC plaque on the wall of a pub or cafe betokened hospitality for cyclists. A nonagenarian friend tells us that in the 1930s she and her companions could obtain, on proof of CTC membership, an agreed set meal at such establishments for the princely sum of one and sixpence (7 p). Today it is rare indeed to find such plaques still in situ. This one is above what is now an antique shop in Bala. By a curious coincidence there are two examples to be seen almost cheek by jowl in Rhuddlan High Street. They are both of an early style, possibly a century or so old. For an article on the origin and history of CTC signs click http://www.wingedwheels.info/wwhist.htm


Spotted by Alun Jones between Kerry & Abermule in Powys


Thanks to Steve Trott and Jane Spilsbury of WATAMU TURTLE WATCH, Kenya.


Burning the miles in Cemaes

Submitted by Reg Cave