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Tesco Llandudno Junction - the cycle unfriendly store!

Last Christmas we reported that IKEA were offering all their employees a bicycle to encourage them to cycle to work. At the same time we showed a photograph of the cramped cycle rack for six cycles at Tesco's Llandudno Junction store. Its only merit was that it was located at the front of store for ease of access and security.

During the mid summer 07, when no doubt the store was trying to cram as many cars as possible near its front entrance, the bike rack was shoved into a dark corner where baskets are stored. Apart from treating cycles and their riders in a dismissive fashion, it shows the stark ambivalence of a company that promotes itself as people and environmentally friendly.

Below we feature the current cycle parking arrangement at the Llandudno Junction store, with customer Danny Jones struggling to load his machine amongst the baskets.

We also give an indication of the sort of shopping easily carried by cycle - if only cyclists were made to feel welcome, and their bikes stored safely.

bike rack shoved in a dark corner with trolleys

Bike rack now shoved in dark corner with trolleys


Bike rack's origina, more accessible, position

Bike rack in original position


Pannier capacity for shopping

Pannier capacity for shopping


shopping from one cycle's panniers

Shopping from a cycle's panniers

The following Planning Guidance for Retailing and Town Centre development, was issued by the Welsh Assembly Government in November 1996:

accessibility: the ease and convenience of access by a choice of means of travel, including the quality, quantity and type of car parking, the availability of public transport services and the quality of provision for pedestrians and cyclists