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Streets Ahead 

 Promoting the bicycle in an urban environment

Twice a year CTC and the CCN (Cycle Campaign Network) promote regional conferences in different parts of the UK. This autumn the Warrington Cycling Campaign is the host, and a first rate list of speakers has been arranged for Saturday 12th November 2005

Taking the theme of 'STREETS AHEAD', the agenda includes speakers foremost in their field.

This is a unique opportunity for professionals, voluntary agencies and those involved in public life generally to come together to listen, contribute, and to debate on matters very relevant to the healthy growth of our local communities.

The speakers will include:

Lutz Groll, Urban Planner, Hilden City Council. Hilden in Germany has achieved 24% of in-town trips by cycle yet spends a fraction of what most UK councils do on facilities. Find out how Hilden has gained huge benefits in quality of life and better transport through reducing urban vehicle speed and sensible, yet inexpensive, highway design.

John Adams, Emeritus Professor in Geography at University College London. John’s views on risk have radically altered thinking on developing the urban environment. He is well known as an influential voice in debates on transport policy.

Tony Kirby, Local Transport Projects Ltd. Tony and his colleague, Andy Mayo, were involved in delivering the cycle network and other mixed mode facilities in Hull. Tony will be presenting on current trends for urban design to encourage cycling.

Tom Franklin, Living Streets. Tom will develop the separate but often overlapping needs of cyclists and pedestrians. What’s good for cyclists is often good for pedestrians, and by working together pedestrian and cycling campaigners can be more effective.

Peter Cox, University College, Chester. Peter’s current research profile centres mainly on cycling and society, applying social theory to a better understanding of why people take up cycling. He will also explore how the promotion of particular cycling, such as leisure, can have a negative impact on cycling for commuting and everyday transport.

Robin Ireland, Chief Executive, Heart of Mersey. This charity has the objective of reducing coronary heart disease in Merseyside. Robin will discuss the role that he sees cycle promotion taking in the charity's campaigns and activities.

Cliff Moughtin, Emeritus Professor at Nottingham University. Cliff is renowned for his work on “green urban design” and this presentation goes further to show how future urban developments must include the bicycle as a central rather than peripheral consideration.

Rod King, Warrington Cycle Campaign. Rod recently presented at Velo-City, comparing cycle facilities in the UK and Northern Europe. His presentation will offer a view of the need to sell cycling to a much wider audience. Should cycle campaigners also realign their efforts in a coordinated way and concentrate on social rather than highway engineering?

With sponsors of the event, URBAN ENGINEERING, a dedicated conference website has been set up on http://www.warringtoncyclecampaign.co.uk/streets-ahead/