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News Update: Feb. 2012: Conwy Cabinet have decided to allow unrestricted cycling on Llandudno promenade for a trial period of one year. See News Snippet.

Something Fishy on Llandudno Promenade

It takes but half an eye to see Llandudno's north shore Parade is hazardous - even for cars. CTC has complained for over five years that cyclists without the skills or confidence to handle the conditions on this road should not be risking their lives. They should be encouraged to use the wide promenade which runs parallel for almost two miles and is wider than many a highway..

The promenade is maintained by Conwy CBC, and leased from Mostyn Estates. CTC's warnings to both parties have gone unheeded. They claimed the byelaws prohibit cycling. But we have yet to hear why counsel's opinion in 1998 stating: "the byelaws are not well drafted to make clear any intention that cycling, as such, is forbidden" has been totally ignored or why an archaically worded byelaw is being used to withhold from cyclists the duty of care all citizens are entitled to expect from government.

Under pressure from CTC, an assurance was received recently that cyclists riding sensibly on the promenade had no fear of legal consequences, and by implication were free to do so. But it seems this understanding hasn't percolated down to the promenade staff, and there have been a number of complaints of unjustified harassment of cyclists. We give you below just one random example; the photos were taken over a period of ten minutes

Typical summer traffic congestion on Llandudno's Parade - note the gauntlet-running cyclist


A cyclist puts self-preservation first and rides on the prom




Local cyclists with child in a trailer intercepted by promenade official

 ...and directed to the nearest exit


A pleasant afternoon's cycle ride from home ruined by official incompetence and reckless disregard for cyclists' safety. The problem the couple now have is how to return home whence they came - Craig y Don - without using the prom. Note how little space there is between the cars in the background.


No alternative but to ride amongst the traffic at no small personal risk to themselves and their child.


Instead of facing up to the daily risks to cyclists in this location, the local authority has appointed a Task & Finish group to reconsider access to the promenade without any commitment to finding in favour of cyclists. Its deliberations will be in camera and not available to public scrutiny, and could take several years, What we do know is that advice is being sought from over 90 local authorities - if ever there was a case of kicking the ball into the long grass, this must be it!

One of the greatest dangers for cyclists on the Parade is having insufficient space to avoid car doors being opened without warning. See what can happen http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14438520 . Where will corporate liability lie if such an event occurs in full view of Llandudno's resplendent sea front hotels?