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Under the banner of Safer Streets for Cyclists , CTC, the national cycling organisation, is launching a campaign for safer road conditions to encourage more people to cycle.

It is pressing for amendments to the Road Safety Bill, and is calling for changes which would fundamentally improve the security of cyclists on the road.

CTC is calling for:-

Lower speed limits: 20mph for the ‘community streets’ where people live, shop, work and cycle. Click Slower Speeds Initiative  

Driver liability: New rules to make it easier for cyclists and other vulnerable road users, to claim damages from drivers who hit them and cause injury. This principle of law already exists in Europe: British drivers would merely be brought into line. Every UK citizen if struck by a motor vehicle would be a potential beneficiary of such a change of legislation. Click for questions and answers from 2002, when these proposals first saw the light of day. 

Stiffer penalties for bad driving: An end to derisory sentences for drivers who kill and maim as a consequence of grossly irresponsible driving.

Drink-driving: A reduction in the blood-alcohol limit from 80mg to 50mg per 100ml of blood

CTC Campaigns & Policy Manager, Roger Geffen, says: “Road danger, or the perception of danger, not only affects existing cyclists; it’s the number one reason people give when asked why they don’t cycle, or why they don’t allow their children to cycle. It’s critical that Government plays its part in helping to make our streets safer – not only for the benefit of cyclists, but the community as a whole.”

Getting involved in the campaign is easy. If you visit the CTC website, you can send your own MP an email asking him/her to support the amendments - a full list of which can be viewed on the site. Simply go to www.ctc.org.uk/campaigns

For more information contact: CTC Media Officer Yannick Read 0870 873 0063

Roadside cycle parking - once a common sight. Now as rare as the Large Blue Butterfly!