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Speed Cameras:

Research Survey Demolishes the myths

   Campaigners against speed cameras advance various spurious but sometimes seemingly plausible arguments against their effectiveness.

   A Research Briefing (December 2003) published by the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Road Safety analyses each of these arguments in turn and demonstrates their falsity. The myths discussed are:

    1. Cameras cost lives

    2. Speed is not a factor in road casualties

    3. Raising speed limits in the U.S.A. made no difference to casualties

    4. Cameras are not sited on the most dangerous roads

    5. Cameras do not catch the most dangerous drivers

    6. Cameras are not popular

    7. Cameras are a waste of money

    8. Cameras raise revenue for police and local authorities

    9. Cameras have contributed to a fall in traffic policing

    10. The number of traffic offences detected has fallen.


   Although this authoritative survey is supported references to relevant research and documents it is not unduly long and is presented in a very accessible manner.

    It reinforces what common sense and intuition should tell everyone: excessive speed is dangerous and contributes to tragedy on our roads and that effective regulation of it can reduce human suffering.