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Rhyl Cycling Club joins RoadPeace

Rhyl Cycling Club has joined the UK's national campaigning road safety charity RoadPeace and encourages all other UK cycling clubs to do the same.

Club Chairman Maurice Broadbent, Wayne Wilkes, Dave Horrocks and 14 year old Thomas Harland were killed when an out of control car ploughed head on into the Sunday club run near Abergele north Wales on the 8 January this year.

Established in 1992 RoadPeace is dedicated to supporting bereaved and injured road crash victims, improving victims' rights and reducing the discrimination against road traffic victims. They operate the national help line for road crash victims which is open 7 days a week on 0845 4500 355.

Members of Rhyl Cycling Club

Rhyl CC receives support from the Commons and Welsh Assembly members, Chris Ruane MP and Ann Jones AM.

Club coordinator Conrad Hobbs says: ''RoadPeace membership is essential for all UK cycling clubs as we have so much in common. It is only through strategic, well planned and sustained lobbying of government and other policy makers that overdue improvements in British road safety standards will be achieved for all road users.''

Mr. Hobbs believes that RoadPeace has the expertise, capability and national status to secure these urgently needed advances and thinks the Welsh Assembly and Local Authorities should also consider joining. Cyclists should lobby their local MP's to join the100 plus strong Parliamentary RoadPeace GROUP FOR JUSTICE FOR ROAD TRAFFIC VICTIMS.

''Naive media driven glamourisation of speed and the erroneous assumption that roads are only for motor vehicles are but a few current misunderstandings. Pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists have a civic right to road use whereas motor vehicles require licences. The bulk of Britain's road network was built before car invention and only pressure from cyclists organisations achieved improved road surfaces,'' added Mr. Hobbs.

Car tax revenue is not used directly for road building and maintenance but goes to the exchequer and used by the Chancellor in general Government spending.

Martin Macarthur RoadPeace National Coordinator commented: ''Since we began RoadPeace has campaigned for a more humane and improved response to road death and injury. Rhyl Cycling Club's experience after the death of their members highlights the amount of work that remains to be done. We work closely with the CTC and other cycling organisations as members of the SAFER STREETS COALITION. RoadPeace welcomes Rhyl Cycling Club's membership and we look forward to working with them to promote cycling and reduce road danger.''