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Postmen & Bikes

    Surely a sign that the world has not gone completely crackers is when we see our cheery neighbourhood postman (sorry ladies, but you're included of course) delivering our gas bills by bike. It's not only a traditional method of delivery, but also the most cost effective and community friendly in many urban and rural areas.

More postmen on bikes means a healthier and therefore more effective workforce. Thanks to Paul Stocker for stopping for a pic during his busy Colwyn Bay delivery.

    Postmen are now instructed to wear cycle helmets despite it not being compulsory for the general public. What do postmen think about this ? Also, what do they think about their bikes and accessories ? Complaints have been heard about the use of heavy mountain tyres, whereas other lighter road tyres are equally durable.

    Cycling in itself is intrinsically safe. Helmets are invariably worn as a perceived protection against other road users, particularly motorists not exercising due caution. Apart from helmets being of limited value in many forms of collision, should the responsibility for self protection be compulsorily imposed on the victim ? What if an attempt was made to impose the same principle on, say, rape victims, or a law abiding citizen mugged when going for a stroll after dark. How would we feel if it was us and we were told we should have stayed indoors?

    So what do postmen think about their kit ? Also, what do they think about the legislation prohibiting cycling on the pavement, when, if imposed rigidly on postmen would render the use of the bicycle quite ineffective ? Can you imagine the mail delivery along a row of houses with the nearside traffic running contra flow, and the postman having to zig zag to and fro across the road for every delivery ?

    CTC the national cycling organisation would be most interested to hear your views.

See our page: CTC defends posties' freedom of choice - here