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Police Chief Thinks Cycle Path 'Horrible' - and Brave Atlantic Rower Agrees with him!

     Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable of North Wales, has created a blog in which he shares his daily thoughts on a whole range of subjects. The following is an extract from his entry for the 17/7/06:

     'On Sunday I cycled with my son from Rhos on Sea to Llanfairfechan over the hills on the bridle paths, again in fabulous weather. Hard work, but boy do I need the exercise. We came back along the coast track alongside the A55 - the first time I have done so. The new bits are great (if a little close to the road), but where a segregated track is not available it is a death trap. My least favourite is the section from Penmaenbach to Conwy Morfa, where you have to cycle on a very narrow pavement right next to the main road, with no protection at all. Horrible. This is part of the UKs national cycle network and it is a disgrace. Im going to try to get something done about it - watch this space.'

Andrew Morris (left) and Andrew Coe (Andrew Morris writes - Roy, many thanks... its our only photo of the whole trip...! By the way, there is a very very nasty sign on the cycle path that restricts the path to about 60 cm. max! The sign is very dangerous. It could easily throw you into the oncoming road traffic on the A55..It needs investigating!)

     We wish Richard well and have already offered our support. But in the meantime, Andrew Morris and his chum Andrew Coe of Newark have also used this section of cycle path en route to Ireland via Holyhead. They fully agree with Richard: it is horrible, and they wanted to get away from the side of the A55 as quickly as possible, which is worth noting as Andrew Morris is not short of guts - he's successfully rowed the Atlantic in aid a of the charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. After a disastrous start from Tenerife when he was knocked unconscious in the first 24 hours and hospitalised, he acquired a new crew partner and completed the c3000 mile trip to Antigua in 62 days. Andrew is Managing Director Nottinghamshire based PA Freight Services Ltd, a company group specialising in worldwide freight packaging and logistics.

     To keep in touch with Richard Brunstrom's life as a leading supporter of all road users taking responsibility for their behaviour on the road CLICK here. (Note for anyone who writes to support Richard's comments through the North Wales Police web link: don't forget to mention nearby Pen y Clip, which is arguably even more horrible than the section of NCN to which he refers. A reminder of what that's about may be seen by clicking here. And if you wish to know more about Andrew's epic row click www.1life2005.com .

A family cycling the path alongside the busy A55 expressway, which Chief Constable Brunstrom finds horrible


The Jowett family brave the proximity of traffic on the A55


The simple solution. A bridge across the rail line, and a superb shared-use path through the sandhills, avoiding almost a mile of trunk road hard shoulder in the process. A small price for safe cycling