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Photo of 4 people with their bikes
Good News for the Young at Heart: Many have been thrilled by the success of British racing cyclists competing in the 2008 Olympics and World Championships, But we get a bigger buzz from folk like these from Sandy Cove, Kinmel Bay. They've just bought new bikes as an antidote to sedentary living, and are keen to explore the byways accessible from their own front gates...


Photo of large group of muddy cyclists pausing at Conwy
A mucky way to Good Health: The Yorkshire saying goes, 'where there's muck there's brass', and it's reet true here.This merry bunch from Sheffield have a had a day beyond price in the mountains of Snowdonia,


Dog Fouling brought to book.

North Wales Police call 'foul' on a most unpleasant aspect of walking and cycling on many public rights of way. What better way of catching such offenders than on two wheels? This features the promenade at Prestatyn.


Photo of Karen Darke riding a specially adapted tricycle propelled by using one hand only
In overcoming disability, Karen Darke is an example to all who feel life has played them a dud card.

See her inspirational website at http://www.karendarke.com/site/bio - particularly her praise of hand cycling (080409)


Overcoming Disability Through Cycling

Working in software Mark Williams, aged 35 from Llangefni, was born without legs. But this hasn't stopped him leading a full and active life - helped by his racing wheelchair and the support of his partner.  In October 2008 Mark completed the Great North Run in 1hr 21mins. Seen here out training on Lon Menai in mid April 2009, he admitted he was out of condition - or to be more precise 'knackered!' He intends to persevere with competition. For more of this remarkable man click http://www.linkedin.com/pub/1/a2a/aba  (090509)


Faith Defines - Cycling Embraces

Visiting Bangor after celebrating the Feast of the Passover in Manchester, what better way for Rachman Ackstine(centre) and two of his family to relax than by hiring bikes in Caernarfon and going for a ride up Lon Eifion (190409)


Keeping the wheels of Liverpool commerce going twenty four hours a day, Andrew Jackson is one of almost a hundred cycle couriers working around the city. Having started his shift at 03.00hrs, he is seen here on his afternoon break providing a visitor with information. He loves his job, not least because it keeps him fit and he enjoys meeting people. It also gives him a detailed knowledge of every short cut the city has to offer - he is coy about whether these include any drainpipes! (050609)


Low cartoon from 1935 showing prime minister MacDonald and Stanley Baldwin riding a tandem called Trade Cycle and with rear tyre, called Bust, going bust

Boom and Bust - sounds familiar?  This Low cartoon from a 1935 Evening Standard, and reprinted in the the CTC Gazette of that year, features the Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald in the steering saddle, and Stanley Baldwin acting as stoker. Before his political career MacDonald had been on the CTC staff, and Baldwin had been a CTC Life Member since 1914.

History does not record who fixed the burst tyre. But our tandeming chums changed places in the Prime Ministerial saddle in the same year. (280709)


Overcoming disability to cycle: Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to report examples of people overcoming disadvantage to enjoy the pleasure that is cycling. Here we have Tom Buckley and his parents Michael and Jinny from Old Colwyn going for a spin along the Conwy Estuary cycle path. Tom has problems with balance. His father Michael, an engineer by trade, has adapted this machine so that they can all enjoy time together cycling. Their ambition is to be able to cycle from home along Llandudno promenade without being intercepted by officials telling them it's against the rules. We leave others to judge their thoughts on that!


Photo of Bob Dickson climbing Colwyn Bay promenade wall with his bike at the bottom

Does traffic drive you up the wall?

Former fireman Bob Dickson of Colwyn Bay has the solution. Cycle along the promenade - then shin up the prom wall. (160909)


Cycling with Dogs in a world where people are often defined by a single activity, we again show that many diverse interests are combined with cycling. Here we feature dog lover Margaret from Connah's Quay with her three handsome canine companions - a German Shepherd, a Husky/G.S.D. cross, and a Border Collie. (010910)




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