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photo of family cyclists crossing the footbridge between Trefriw and LLanrwst
Big Shake Up for UK road signs: Transport Minister Rosie Winterton has called on motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, highway authorities and road organisations, who are keen to have a say in how our streets will look in the future, to take part in the biggest review of British road signs for 40 years.

What about doing away with 'No Cycling' signs unless the highway authority proves there is a site specific need? There will be no complaints from walkers and cyclists about these signs on this river bridge between Trefriw and Llanrwst in the Conwy valley (140908)


Photo of handyman standing across the crossbar of his bike with his toolkit at the back
Have Tools - Will Cycle: You can't tell Rhyl's Mike Evans much about how to operate a sustainable business. A general handyman, he recently gave up his car and reckons he can knock 6.50 per hour off the price he charges his customers by arriving on his bike complete with panniers full of tools. But no business stands still. He has plans to build a lightweight trailer, so await news anytime that he's going international. It's easy to see Mike loves his work - and his cycling too. He's returning home on a forty mile round trip.


Photo of 2 cyclists near the norther entrance of the tunnel with heavy traffic on the A55

Pen-y-Clip, Llanfairfechan: the unacceptable face of the Welsh 'sustainable' transport policy. Emerging from the tunnel in the background the traffic is moving at up to 70mph. A solution to this disaster waiting to happen cannot come a moment too soon.


Group photo of the participants of the Sustrans workshop at Deganwy

Sustrans Cymru Volunteer Rangers: Spare time on your hands? Why not help to look after the National Cycle Network in your area. Pictured at a Deganwy workshop, these are the sort of folk you'd be working alongside For further information click here. (120408)


Photo of husband and wife with cycles. The wife is towing a buggy with a small, happy looking baby

We can see who is the boss here, starting on life's journey in the best way - and in the best of company!


Photo of Chris Boulton on bike

A man of service: Chris Boulton, seen here on a trip to North Wales, is a keen youth hosteller. He believes the traditionally friendly atmosphere of the common room has survived, despite many changes in the organisation and the expectations of members. He should know - he's a former Chairman, and currently a Trustee of YHA England and Wales

http://www.yhagroup.org.uk/archives/yha  - website-redesigned


Group of monocyclists visiting Colwyn Bay

Monocycles - Why two wheels when you can do it on one!

This lively bunch from South Wales have made a trip to North Wales to help promote Colwyn Bay Pier.


A warm welcome awaits at Club Rasio Mona on the Isle of Anglesey.

Will Owen is club treasurer and website manager. His wife Wendy is club secretary. Both are seen here on a pleasant Sunday morning spin. They are very much involved with the local cycling scene, often providing photo coverage of events. Why not have a peep at their club website  and  their photo albums   (280708)


L'entente Cordiale of Cycling: Peter Kafka (L) from Berlin is cycling from Land's End to John o' Groats. In a chance meeting on the North Wales coast he shares pleasant companionship for a few miles with Mel Royles, Chair of the Rhyl Cycling Club. Of such pleasures cycling abounds. (140808)


The British Medical Association (BMA) has issued a briefing paper, 'Promoting Safe Cycling and Helmet use'. This has stirred concerns both within and outside the medical profession regarding its objectivity. Its conclusions do not appear to have been independently appraised, nor do they take account of the wide-ranging implications for other medical and non-medical interests. The Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation presents an alternative view at www.cyclehelmets.org/

Cartoon: THE TIMES