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Gallery Page 26

Cyclist with smoking pipe but without trousers or helmet riding along Colwyn prom

Stick that in y'pipe and smoke it.

A correspondent has accused us of 'irresponsibility and setting a bad example' by showing some cyclists without helmets. We have told him helmet wearing is a matter for individuals themselves, having in mind the range of ways people cycle. This website aims to celebrate cycling as a joyful activity not as something requiring the donning of protective armour at all times. We do not see ourselves sitting in judgement of folk enjoying one of the really good things in life.

It gives us great pleasure therefore to feature Neil Moran, retired Daily Express journalist, clearly enjoying his version of sublime pleasure. Our photographic policy will remain unchanged.


Paula and Gwyn Roberts on a Thorn tandem. As Gwyn suffers from an eye condition, macular distrophy, Paula is riding at the front

Overcoming Visual Disability in Tandem:

Paula and Gwyn Roberts live in Llanberis, Gwynedd. Gwyn has a genetic eye condition known as Stargardt's Macular Dystrophy. He and Paula are determined it will not prevent them enjoying their cycling life together. Recently they acquired a Thorn tandem.

Seen here at Felinhelli, near Caernarfon, they are checking the course of a 50 mile Audax event the following weekend. The route includes Lon Menai, and Lon Eifion, and is organised by a Llanberis pastor.


Kathy Woods of Prestatyn pootles on a monocycle - a skill she learned in street circus training.


Kathy Woods of Prestatyn finds her own way of going for a pootle - a skill learned in street circus training.


An Irish family touring North Wales and Chester.

An Irish family touring North Wales and Chester, seen on the Deeside cycle path near Queensferry. These youngsters can't say life is boring. Well done, mum and dad!


85 year old Bernard Taylor of Prestatyn - a former town treasurer and reitred Rotarian - enjoys cycling
To 85 year old Bernard Taylor of Prestatyn, cycling is a 'special treat' in a busy domestic life.

A former town treasurer and retired Rotarian, Bernard has always enjoyed his cycling as a way to good health and relaxation. His service to Rotary has earned him its highest international award - a Paul Harris Fellowship. Surely a gentleman of impeccable taste in all things important!

If you know someone who cycles and has a life others would be interested in, do let us know.