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Children with bikes by side of Rhyl marine lake with an adult as part of Mentro Allan project
Get up and go with Mentro Allan. At Rhyl there's an imaginative project to get people on bikes and help them discover their communities - perhaps for the first time!

Why not wander down to Rhyl Marine Lake and see for yourself. For further information on this scheme click here.


Promenade at Palma, Majorca, includes a cycleway
Travellers often express amazement that cycling on Llandudno's North Shore promenade is still banned and invites a rebuke from the uniformed beach patrol if attempted.

Peter and Joan Owen of Craig y Don, Llandudno, are the latest of many to tell us how much cyclists are welcomed elsewhere. They've sent us this shot of the promenade at Palma, Majorca. It's very popular with walkers and cyclists alike - just like everywhere else along the North Wales coast - apart from Llandudno North Shore.

But much has been learned since this cycle path at Palma was constructed some years ago. The thinking now is that in shared space people exercise more common sense than they have been given credit for by the drawing board planners in the past - note the 'jogging track' between the cyclists and walkers!


Shasha and Bessie, two young attractive Chinese students, pose with their bikes in front of Conwy Castle
Conwy Youth Hostel: Studying for business related degrees, Shasha is a 2nd year PhD student at Manchester University and Bessie has just completed her Masters at Leeds. Hailing from Shandong Province near Beijing, they have lived in the UK for six years, where they find the British 'cosmopolitan and more polite'. What better way for them to unwind than to stay at the superb Conwy Youth Hostel? They found the receptionists 'really nice', and hired bikes at 10 per day to explore the locality. Click for further details of the hostel.


Disabled cyclist with rear shopping trailer outside Deganwy post office
Overcoming Disability through cycling: Dean Roberts finds it convenient doing his shopping in Deganwy. This is easily accessed from the Conwy Estuary Route. Dean was seriously injured in a road collision some years ago. He now has only one hip which requires the use of a specially designed boot. Because he has difficulty walking he goes everywhere on his bike. He finds his trailer useful for shopping - no parking problems for him!


Airbus captain with his three young sons on a triplet with an extra seat for the youngest near Llanfairfechan
From his Llanfairfechan home, Jonathon Parkhouse flew the nest to become an Airbus Captain living at Moreton near Tame.

Much to his children's delight his piloting skills have just taken them all through a series of water splashes. Such should be the treasured memories of childhood.

Note the independent gearing on the trailer for the children's comfort.



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