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Gallery Page 24

Tesco supermarket at Llandudno Junction has cycle stands for only 3 cyclists

IKEA has given all its astonished employees a bicycle for Christmas (Click here)

With the news that IKEA is seeking a greener image to counter the belief that it contributes more than its fair share to global warming by acting as a honey pot for motorists, it will be interesting to see how many other multi-million pound companies follow suit. Tesco at Llandudno offers parking spaces for just three cycles - one of which is taken by a staff member who regularly cycles to work. We'd be interested to hear what you think of your supermarket cycle parking facilities.


City cyclists in Holland including a mother on a trke with young twins in a large front buggy

A refreshing Dutch contrast to the cyclo-paranoia of the UK. Click to see a video.  


Warrington cycling campaigner, Rod King, in morning suit takes his daughter on a four wheel pedicab to  her wedding

Get Me To The Church On Time!

No getting stuck in traffic jams for computer consultant, Rod King, and his daughter Sadie. As a trustee of the Salford based charity 'Cycling Projects', Rod, a dedicated member of CTC and the Warrington Cycling Campaign, borrowed a four-wheeled CP Pedicab to make sure the anxious groom wasn't kept waiting at the altar. Well done, Rod. For Sadie and husband Martyn, we wish them a safe and happy journey in the years ahead.


Large group of about 70 cyclists assemble as volunteer Air Raid Precaution messengers as part of Liverpool CTC's war effort during World War 2
During the Second World War Liverpool CTC members were formed into an ARP Messenger Corp. Here they are being addressed by Percy Brazendale, Chairman of CTC Council 1922-46. Do you have any old cycling photographs of special interest to Wales you'd like to share? To many of those in this photograph, Wales would have been their second home.


National Cyle Network route 5 cycle path near Llanddulas showing signs of erosion

National Cycle Network Route 5 Pensarn - Llanddulas.

Global Warming is affecting parts of the North Wales coastline. This includes the popular coastal cycle route. There are indications that the Holyhead rail line and the A55 Trunk Road will be threatened unless remedial action is taken soon. Note how the rocks have slipped off the synthetic apron, and how the groynes have eroded.


Husband and wife professional members of CTC on Lon Eifion cycle path
CTC Professional Members: Luke & Anna of Drover Holidays, Hay on Way, are a company involved in leisure breaks with that extra oomph. They are seen here near Caernarfon on Lon Eifion (NRN Route 8), checking out a holiday package for their clients. To add to their credentials, they possess CTC Professional Membership and subscribe to the CTC Cycle Hire Code. If you feel CTC can assist your company, click here