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Two touring cyclists

CYCLES ON TRAINS: Returning to London, lawyer Jim Evans, and Andrew Fulton, who works in documentary film making, were able to enjoy their cycle camping trip to North Wales in the knowledge that they had booked their return train tickets. If you want to avoid being caught short at the station ticket office, click http://www.atob.org.uk/Bike_Rail.html


College lecturer commuting part way by bike on cycle path by side of A55 expressway

As a biology lecturer at Llandrillo College, Penrhyn Bay, Paul Drake knows a fair bit about what's good for us. Travelling from Anglesey each day, he leaves his car at Penmaenmawr and does the remaining ten miles round journey to work by bike. He loves it - and admits he's addicted to cycling.


family of cyclists starting to use Conwy Estuary cycleway while still under construction
     Our first photos of Llandudno residents starting to explore the Conwy Estuary cycle route under construction.

     Ian Bradfield, cycle specialist officer for Denbighshire Highways Dept. casts an approving professional eye over work in progress with family and friends.


cylists hope Glan Conwy cycleway will soon be built

And Natalie and Robert from West Shore, who found a cycle ride through Black Cat roundabout to be horrific and not to be repeated, can't wait for the route to be completed to Glan Conwy so that the Black Cat can be avoided. As Robert said, 'God Bless Conwy CBC. It's marvellous for it to provide such a wonderful facility for everyone to use'


Three touring cyclists using a large road atlas
Setting out for a tour of Snowdonia, these engineering students from Manchester University have little truck with the latest directional gadgetry, preferring Collins Road Atlas.

But if you're a CTC member using mapping software, and wish to be involved in testing a fascinating new initiative, CLICK for further information http://www.ctc-maps.org.uk/. Members who use Tracklogs, MemoryMap, Google Earth and/or GPS units, or who have used the current Cyclists Welcome and/or route sheets systems, will be particularly welcomed.


Critical masss cycle ride in London

CRITICAL MASS in London has won a major High Court victory. For the full report and a Nottingham hyperlink to images similar to above CLICK here