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University student with bike at the top of the Nant Ffrancon pass Young lady from Bethesda with bike at summit of the Nant Ffrancon pass.
Nant Ffrancon Pass, Snowdonia - A wet early evening late March 06:  Separate people with the same thought in mind - a cycle ride into the mountains for excercise. A Bangor University student from Salisbury who plans to cycle home at the end of next term. And Augusta Ostle, from the village of Bethesda nearby. She's already completed her studies at the same university. Many will envy this opportunity on their doorstep for such pleasure - despite the downpour! Both seen here stopping for a pit stop near Idwal Cottage Youth Hostel.
Three Welsh politicians on a cycle path

This website is party politically neutral. But we acknowledge those in positions of influence who recognise the immense contribution cycling can make to a healthy society. Here we have three cycling supporters: Alun Pugh, AM and Minister for Sport and Culture for Wales, Ann Jones, Welsh Assembly Member, and Chris Ruane, Member of Parliament for North Clwyd.  They are urging Denbighshire CC to revisit its decision some years ago not to develop a linear park up the Vale of Clwyd between Rhyl and Ruthin (18 miles), which would cater for walking and cycling (For further background click here and here).

four cyclists on the open concrete space where the Point of Ayr colliery once stood

Scouting for a National Cycle Route 5 North East Passage through the former Point of Ayr colliery     Full resolution


Group of mature cyclists      Born-again mature cyclists are seen often along the North Wales coastline. But for some of the same age group, cycling is something to be opposed.

     Here we have a lively cycling group from the Lido Caravan Park, Prestatyn, and a disgruntled group of Llandudno residents fighting to keep the National Cycling Route out of the town. Guess whose side we're on?

(Second photo: courtesy of North Wales Weekly News)

Group of solemn looking residents objecting to the national cycle route passing near their homes