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Severely disabled Paul Trigg with a foot propelled recumbent trike on Colwyn prom accompanied by his father also on a recumbent trike
Severely disabled Paul Trigg with a foot propelled recumbent trike on Colwyn prom accompanied by his father also on a recumbent trike

Overcoming Disability by tricycle

(1) Paul Triggs received severe head injuries in a car accident about 20 years ago. Only for his foot driven recumbent cycle he would now have to rely totally upon his parents to get around. His trike is his lifeline. Living in Conwy he looks forward to being able to cycle to Llandudno West Shore along the planned estuary cycle route - without encountering motor traffic en route.

(2) Paul's father Chris didn't wish to be left out of the fun himself, so he acquired a recumbent cycle too!

See Cycle Life for more pages on overcoming disability.


photo of author Alan Bennett Alan Bennett's epitaph?

     Commenting on ITV's South Bank Show as to whether he thought his writing would survive his demise, Alan said he wasn't bothered much as he would be dead anyway. However, he would appreciate a memorial he could use in his lifetime - a cycle path across Regent's Park, London. Cyclists will always remember with affection his wonderfully evocative TV drama from the 70s entitled 'A Day Out'. It portrayed a CTC ride to Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire, in the the period leading up to the First World War.


Cyclepath passing by the railings of a children's play area with some children's bikes fastened to the railings

Rhos on Sea: An interesting example of misunderstood cycle routing. On the other hand these children have no problem understanding.


David Sutcliffe and his wife with their bikes on the cyclepath      

     Taking a break from managing Montgomery and Tomlinson Ltd, custom made curtain manufacturers of Chester, David Sutcliffe and his wife Wendy were delighted when this new cycle path was constructed a few yards from their home at Penrhyn Bay. It's enabled them to take up cycling again after more years than they care to remember.

     David is pleased that of his workforce of 200, about 30 of his colleagues cycle to work 'It just makes sense,' says David. 'There's so much traffic congestion in the city. For many its faster to go by bike'.



Group of cyclists, including small children, cycling alongside Lake Bala (Llyn Tegid)

Just a few of the 500 happy participants in the 2005 Welsh Festival of Cycling at Bala.


Group of 30 or so members of the Anfield Bicycle Club pose in 1896 outside the Glan Aber Hotel, Betws-y-Coed. The hotel has the club's plaque on the wall near the entrance.

Anfield Bicycle Club. Glan Aber Hotel, Betws y Coed 1896. (Note the club sign). Founded 1879, this club remains active, and was prominent in supporting Rhyl CC in the immediate aftermath of the Abergele road tragedy

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