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Gallery Page 17

Coastguard David Lee speaking into a mobile phone while standing with his bike HM Coastguard David Lee finds there's nothing like riding his bike to find out what's happening on his patch. With his team colleagues at Rhyl, David covers a long stretch of the North Wales coastline. He finds his car useful for accessing the more distant locations, but for obtaining actual information he believes the bike has no equal.


Young man sitting on an easy rider style bike

Cycling is such good fun. The spirit of Steve McQueen may well live on, but this machine wouldn't help much in a bunch sprint!


Two families with children of various ages pause for photograph

The changing nature of tourism. Instead of the break from the workplace or kitchen, it's now a break from the car.


Newspaper vendor selling the Liverpool Echo with an accompanying tricylce that has a large metal container at the back

An echo from the future?

Sustainable distribution of the Liverpool Echo on the streets of the city.


cyclepath near the entrance to Pilkington's factory at St Asaph, Denbighshire

A local solution where traffic on a rural highway has increased following industrial development. Here we see a cycle/pedestrian path placed behind a wayside hedge at Pilkington's, St Asaph, Denbighshire. Scope for similar cycle routes funded by agricultural 'set aside' funding?