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North Wales Tops the Richter Scale of Crap Cycle Lanes

Available in all good bookshops in the run up for Christmas, this is a real pocket rocket of a book. Priced at 4.95p, and with 50 illustrations of some of the craziest cycle paths in the UK, this batch of botches should be compulsory reading for all road engineers who claim to know anything about designing for cycling.

Inspired by the Warrington Cycling Campaign, and published by eye books, it makes an ideal stocking filler with a deadly serious subject lashed with magnificent mockery.

And the good thing is that all royalties go to the Cyclists Defence Fund http://www.cyclistsdefencefund.org.uk/ 

The photo of the garrotting delight above was taken on the A55 at Penmaenbach. Even Richter hadn't allowed for Pen-y-Clip a couple of miles up the road. http://www.cyclingnorthwales.co.uk/pages/cyclg_penyclip.htm 

In case of difficulty, copies of the book are obtainable from the publishers at:- Eye Books 8 Peacock Yard Iliffe Street London SE17 3LH.

Tel: +44 (0) 845 450 8870 Fax: +44 (0) 1746 766665 E-mail: http://www.eye-books.com/index_imprints.asp