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New websites will make roads and tracks a hole lot better

With two new online web tools, CTC - the UK's national cyclists' organisation has launched s system to get potholes fixed and off-road trails cleared of obstructions.

Using the new system at www.fillthathole.org.uk cyclists (and other road users) can zoom into any road in the UK, mark the location of the defect and let the authority know about it, which then has a duty to take action. It takes no longer than 2 minutes to use, and it is possible to include photos, measurements and other useful information, which other people will be able to see.

A similar facility at www.clearthattrail.org.uk allows cyclists to report off-road obstructions.

CTC Director Kevin Mayne said: "Potholes and other road defects are more than just a nuisance: they're a danger to cyclists. They're responsible for 12% of compensation claims by CTC members, and local Councils have a duty to fix them. Reporting problems like this can be a chore, but our online facility has made it quick and easy."

The websites also allow other cyclists to see what has been reported, and if a problem is ignored and someone subsequently crashes, it will be possible to show that the council knew about it. Meanwhile, CTC will be working with local authorities to help them meet their duty to keep the roads and trails well maintained.