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Nether Frumpton Cycling Strategy 1938 Style

or 'Mary's in the seat - not the saddle'.

Study the past if you are to define the future - Confucius (551-479 BC)

There is much chatter about promoting the use of the bicycle. But for some this ideally means out of sight and sound of pedestrians and motorists. This is not new. On the one hand the bicycle has always been recognised as the wonderful invention it is, but on the other its users have long been patronised - and criticised disproportionately. This is peculiar to the UK. It is not generally found on the continent of Europe or in Scandinavia.

In the UK we have cycling strategies at all levels of government. It is now common to see politicians perched briefly on a bike - and then climbing into their official wagons. And there are the cycling committees charged with responsibility for getting more bums on saddles. Often these are comprised of experts in all manner of things - but not the reality of life on two wheels in modern traffic.

As a salutary reminder of 'cycle-think' seventy years ago, have a peep of this quaint tale from the September 1938 CTC Gazette. The style of language may have changed, but has the culture really changed all that much?