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    Pedestrians or cyclists who might have had a near miss from one of those noisy scooters, sometimes ridden by children not long out of primary school, will be relieved to know that North Wales Police have issued a warning against buying them for children as a Christmas present
    In a statement Inspector Brian Robinson of the Traffic Dept warns that Go-peds or Buzzboards can only be used by children on private land and not on roads or footpaths.  These scooters are constructed with a board, two wheels, a steering handle, and a fitted engine capable of speeds up to 25 mph. 
    If they are to be used on the highway riders must be 16 years of age or over, have at least a provisional licence, and in due course pass a Compulsory Basic Test.   They must also have the following
  •     A driving licence for that category of vehicle.
  •     A helmet, if the distance between the wheels is greater than 460mm
  •     Tax (vehicle excise licence)
         Insurance (minimum third party)
  •     Number plates
  •     Brakes (exempt if vehicle is unable to exceed 25mph)
  •     Indicators
  •     Audible warning instrument if the vehicle is able to achieve speeds in excess of 20mph
  •     A speedometer (exempt if vehicle is unable to exceed 25mph
        Some of us might be tempted to ask why the adults using these machines haven't considered buying a good lightweight cycle instead.   They're much more fun - and you can hear yourself think as well!