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Lon Las Menai Cycleway / Cycle Path

Felinheli to Caernarfon (4 miles)

    This short cycleway is very appealing, especially in spring and early summer. It runs parallel to the beautiful Menai Straits of which it periodically has views.

    It is now all tarmacadammed and all gates have been removed. There is a brief section which goes on to the pavement of the Felinheli to Caernarfon Road.

    START: The sea front of the pleasant village of Felinheli (free parking): Grid Ref: 523675 (Snowdon OS map No 115. The sea front is reached from the village centre by turning down an unsigned, narrow, steep road near the post office). Follow the attractive sea front south, past the yacht club and up a short, steep climb (you can always push your bike if your gears are not low enough). The start of the cycle path is on the Right after the climb. 

    This path can be combined with Lon Las Eifion. To do so follow the water's edge round the new development at Caernarfon and Victoria dock and continue to large ship's anchor and go through the town wall into Church Road (a charming and quiet, residential one-way street). Keep straight ahead at the crossroads and continue to castle. Keep Left at Castle and contour Right round castle to car park and harbour, where you turn Left and follow the road to the start of Lon Eifion.

Lon Menai can also be combined with an off-road route to commute between Caernarfon and Parc Menai, a high-tech industrial estate near Bangor. At Felinheli follow the NCN number 8 signs past the marina and cross the road by the pub on the east side of the village; stay on the railway path out towards the Faenol Estate. A shared use footway then takes you past the estate entrance and up Faenol hill. At the top of the hill the Route 8 signs take you towards Bangor on Penrhos road: ignore these sign and cross Penrhos Road heading towards Parc Menai roundabout. A little way along this section of footway a new crossing point has been constructed in the centre of the road, and this will help you cross over to Parc Menai where you will have to rejoin the road into the estate.    

Photos of the path and views

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