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Liability Insurance for Cyclists, Cycle Trainers and Cycling Organisers

   CTC, the UK's national cyclists' organisation provides the widest range of insurance for bikes, cyclists and cycling activities in the country with over 70,000 people using our tailored products.

    The risks of being sued through cycling activities are low, but there is increasing concern about the growth of a compensation culture in the UK which in turn has caused many organisations and individuals to seek insurance for all their activities. In response to this demand CTC has arranged liability insurance schemes that will meet the needs of everyone in cycling, from individual cyclist to large organisations.

    "Cycle activity provider" is the general term for anyone who provides enjoyment of cycling for others, whether as a club, a business or individual. Our schemes have covered the activities of local and national cycling groups for many years, now we have expanded our range to cover all providers.

    New for 2003 is our exclusive "Cycle Activity Insurance" scheme designed for trainers, cycling instructors, leaders and organisers of cycling activities. It includes volunteers and paid staff.

    And best of all the fees are kept in cycling to work for better cycling conditions, more cyclists and more cycling activities such as training. Why buy your cycling insurance needs from anyone else?

What sort of insurance do I need?

    Types of liability insurance applicable to cycling are described below. The list and definitions are not necessarily complete and all organisations should check for their own specific circumstances.

    Public liability insurance (Also known as third party insurance)

    In the event of a legal action awarding damages against an individual or organisation the insurance will be used to indemnify costs. In practise the insurance company usually provides the legal support for the person being sued. Usually local authorities and others require a minimum of £5 million cover for events or activities carrying their endorsement or using public premises. This is provided both for activity providers and individual cyclists who feel more confident with this protection.

Product liability insurance.

    A specific form of public liability insurance applicable to cycling where goods are sold, hired or loaned; in particular bicycles, but also other equipment.

Employers' liability insurance.

    This is compulsory for all companies employing people. Can extend to volunteers where the volunteer may be replacing the work of an employee, or receives a benefit in kind.

Giving advice, training and leadership.

CTC provides cover for the "provision of expert advice" as part of our Cycle Activity Providers registration scheme.

Liability Insurance from CTC.

Cycle Activity Providers

    CTC provides three packages of public liability insurance for affiliated cycle activity providers.

CTC CycleCover Cycle Activity insurance for the individual leader, trainer or organiser.

    Become a registered activity provider with CTC and get public liability insurance up to £5,000,000 for all cycling activities including the provision of expert advice whether voluntary or paid. Activity providers are expected to conform to the best practice guidance provided in CTC Advice sheet "Law and liability for cycle activity providers" which is available from CTC. (Applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland only)

    Annual registration including insurance running to September 30th 2004 £60 per individual activity provider, £10 discount for individual CTC members.

    Product liability is also given for a limited number of bikes loaned to participants on an occasional basis, however if your programme routinely requires the loan or hire of bikes an additional premium is needed, contact CTC for quote.

    CTC Club membership scheme for community amateur clubs, local cycling groups and charities.

    CTC provides an affiliated group membership for voluntary amateur membership organisations providing cycling activities for their members. Excludes organisations providing cycling for employees or on a commercial basis and those using paid employees to deliver activities. Only covers cycling activities, not social events etc. and limited to 200 participants per event.

    CTC Club Affiliation and third party insurance Annual membership including insurance to September 30th 2004 £61.00 plus £0.40 per member.

    Guest Insurance Third Party Insurance cover for up to five un-named non-members per ride for a payment of £15

    An additional premium may be charged for larger or public events, contact CTC for details.

CTC Cycle Activity Providers Small Business Insurance package.

    CTC CycleCover COMMERCIAL LIABILITY provides the insurance your instructors or leaders need. CTC can quote individual small businesses for the Public, Product and Employers liability you need along with premises and any other cover. We understand your business and can promise you an individual policy to suit your needs.

    Also CTC Cycle Hire Insurance, the complete offer for the small cycle hire outlet and backed by the CTC Cycle Hire Code of Conduct, setting standards for the industry.

Liability Insurance from CTC.

Personal Public Liability Insurance.

    CTC provides personal liability insurance up to £5,000,000 for thousands of cycle users every day.

CTC individual membership

    From just £11 per year CTC membership includes free personal liability insurance along with all our benefits and part of your membership fee pays for our work on behalf of all cyclists.

Affiliated Club member

CTC provides an affiliated group membership for voluntary amateur membership organisations providing cycling activities for their members. Excludes organisations providing cycling for employees or on a commercial basis and those using paid employees to deliver activities.

For club membership rate see previous page, annual personal liability insurance for affiliated club members just £10 if the fee is collected by your affiliated organisation and sent to CTC.

Employee/Customer Public Liability Insurance.

    Encouraging your employees or customers to improve their health, productivity and timekeeping by biking to work? Using company bikes for business travel? Want to include liability insurance as a benefit to customers of your cycle locker hire, holiday trip, health club etc?

    You can support your employees and customers by providing them with CTC public liability insurance as a benefit that they have all year round. By naming the employees you can keep your costs down or you can cover your whole company.

    Cost per person £10 per annum, minimum number of covered 50. For business wishing to cover more than 100 employees/customers contact CTC for an individual quote.

    All persons covered must be on a named schedule provided by the company to CTC.

To apply for any of these schemes contact CTC or our agents at:

    Activity provider registration 0870 8730060 Email Greg.woodford@ctc.org.uk

    Club or group affiliation and individual CTC membership 0870 873 0061 Email membership@ctc.org.uk

    Small business insurance and Employee/Customer liability scheme are all individually quoted by our agents, contact Ian Crawford at Butterworth-Spengler 01514940228

For a wide range of other insurance policies including bikes, cycling travel and health insurance see www.ctc.org.uk

    CTC - UK's number one cycling insurer - run by cyclists for the benefit of all current and future cycle users.

(To facilitate printing of the form below, it may be seen on a separate page by clicking here.)

Cycle Activity Provider Scheme Application Form



First name

Last name

Position Held

Mailing Address


Post code




CTC Mem no. if app.

No of providers at full rate £60

Total remittance…………….

No of providers at CTC member’s rate £50

Describe here the kind of cycle activity you are providing and give the full name, address, email and other details of all persons to be enrolled in this scheme. Use additional copies of the form as appropriate. Please note that this scheme is for named individuals only, registrations can not be re-allocated.













Payment details


BACS, (bank details needed);

Credit Card


Payment by Credit Card

Invoicing Details

Please charge Mastercard/Visa account

For the amount of £…………………..

Order no.

Contact name

Card no.

Name and address for invoicing

Expiry date

Is no.

Security no.


Address at which the card is registered

(if different to above)

Tel no.

Fax no.


Cheques made payable to the Cyclists’ Touring Club.

Return to; Greg Woodford, Cycle Training Officer, CTC, Cotterell House, 69 Meadrow, Godalming, Surrey. GU7 3HS.

For details of CTC’s insurance schemes, see attached guide. The cost is per person and the scheme is subject to CTC’s terms and conditions.

CTC will not disclose this information to any other person or organisation except in connection with the above purposes. If you do not want us to contact you about CTC membership benefits, products or services, or if you have any query about the use we make of your data, please write to the Data Controller at Cyclists’ Touring Club, Cotterell House, 69 Meadrow, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 3HS.