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Justice on the Highway! Get Britain Cycling!

See CTC’s latest Cycle Digest - and find out more.

Whether riding on a cycleway or the public highway, we are all entitled to expect the government's support and protection.

It is now government policy to to encourage cycling. In Wales the ACTIVE TRAVEL BILL is moving through the legislative process.

A good start. But much more needs to be done to achieve real change in our thinking and acting.

For 135 yrs, CTC (http://www.ctc.org.uk/) has been presenting the cycling case - in recent years through its acclaimed cutting edge ‘Cycle Digest’.

Though formerly its circulation was limited to cycle activists and government departments, the Digest is now available in digital form to everyone and is free over the internet.

So why not examine the Cycle Digest yourself ?

You do not have to be a member of CTC to register and receive your on-line copy monthly.