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    Great Cycling Video Clips

The Guy from Cycle Chic - fascinating interview with the guy from Copenhagen who started Cycle Chic, which just about sums up our relaxed attitude towards cycling. Chinese Man stops robbery with his bike!
Dutch urban cycling: enjoy seeing sensible negotiating of road space - this clip is something of an eye-opener:   In Town Without My Car: Every Sunday, from 7am to 2pm, up to two million residents of Bogotá, Colombia, enjoy over 70 miles of car-free streets. Here's a ten minute film to watch during your lunch break...
The Dutch Way with traffic roundabouts: A hazardous roundabout for cycling near you? See how they do it in Rotterdam. Three Cycling Friendly Cities: best practice in Holland, Denmark and Colombia.
Le magnifique Velibe of Paris: "...We even cycled insouciantly across the Place de la Concorde, an activity which used to provide one of Europe's great life-or-death adrenaline rushes, like running with the Pamplona bulls. But with Velib users everywhere, Parisian motorists appear to have calmed right down..." (The Independent) Kicking up a Stink for Cycling: Are you one of those who believe that until cyclists en masse start hollering louder than the din of motor traffic they will continue to be ignored by the policy makers.

Have a peep at what they do in Budapest.  With 50,000 participants its claimed to be the biggest cycling demonstration in the world. There are a number of short video films. Enjoy.

Cardiff - Ely Bridge Cycling Demonstration  (22 April 2007) In what has been described as Cardiff's biggest ever cycling protest, Friends of the Earth has taken the lead in challenging the lack of provision for cycle/pedestrian access between Penarth and Cardiff, and its International Sports Village. Berkley, California - a pro-cycling strategy: An interesting  video shows what can be done to encourage cycling as a regular means of transport.
Cycling Copenhagen:  Watch film and we'll bet our bottom Euro you'll be wishing you were there! Paramedics need to get to the scene fast – that’s why in London there’s a new crew on bicycles. They can cut through traffic around the City of London faster than a vehicle and the service may be extended to other towns and cities across the UK.
Danny's Stunts become ever more and more incredible! Holly's first ride on her bike: A big day for a sweet tiny tot
Create your own cycle lane: original idea for bike lighting! Fake Race Finish: An hilarious and extraordinarily elaborate French prank in which individual Sunday cyclists are spoofed into believing they has won a race up a col.