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Frank Patterson (1871-52) - The Consummate Cycling Artist

Cycling artist, Frank Patterson was in a class of his own. No one person contributed more to the cultural image of leisure cycling in Britain between the two world wars. Frank presented cyclists as ladies and gentlemen of poise and elegance. But he also possessed an impish sense of fun, and displayed a rare ability to record those simple folk who inhabited the rural scene in times long gone. Frank relished cycling. And cyclists relished Frank's sketches. It says something for the timelessness of his art, that his images are still in great demand

On the 90th anniversary of Armistice Day in 2008, it is worth recalling that when many young cyclists, including Frank's two sons, were setting off to serve their country in WW2, all would have gained strength and comfort upon receiving their cycling magazines lavishly illustrated with Frank's exquisite sketches. No doubt all will have been praying that one day they too would return from the travails of war to the country lanes they had come to love and cherish so much.

Three examples of Frank's work are shown below.

If you want to see a delightfully evocative YouTube of Frank's work Click Here.


Frank Patterson with his sons at the outbreak of WW2 in 1939: Jock Angus and Gordon Andrew were in the RAF. All were CTC members.


Sketch of a dismounted cyclist chatting to an old lady on a donkey in Donegal



Sketch of a cyclist inside an old cottage sharing a glass of wine with an elderly country couple