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Dangerous Driving: Cyclist Helmet Camera Videos

Rhyl Cycling Club tragedy. Daily Post. January 2006

A series of cycling tragedies in London in November 2013, when 6 cyclists were killed by heavy vehicles within a fortnight, were the occasion in some quarters for unfortunate victim blaming, despite the fact that police records show that overall only a small proportion of cycling fatalities are attributable to cyclist errors and 70 % are due to driver error.

The great majority of drivers drive with care. However a minority drive with selfish impatience and recklessness, endangering other road users, especially vulnerable cyclists.

The increasing use of helmet cameras by some cyclists has captured startling examples of careless and dangerous driving and below we provide links to such incidents in North Wales.

If you have YouTube footage you would like us to include on this webpage, do let is have it. The video would need to be of an event located in North Wales and contain details of the date, time and location. We reserve editorial rights to decline a submission without giving reason.


Incident 1   Club riders endangered by dangerous overtaking 2nd Feb 2013      (An experienced club on a club ride near Llanberis. The footage was handed to the police and the driver was prosecuted. He had to pay 190 fine and costs and was given 9 penalty points. Click here to see how the Daily Post reported this case.)

Incident 2   Rhyl Town Centre: Coastline Taxi stalks cyclist 3rd January 2013

Incident 3    Driver chases cyclist and indulges in road rage

Incident 4    Dangerous Overtaking 1 (Conwy)

Incident 5    Dangerous Overtaking 2 (Conwy Bridge)

Incident 6    Recumbent cyclist almost wiped out by car trying to turn left.

Video 7        Selection of hair-raising incidents of various kinds       

Click here for an advice sheet on video cameras