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The Bicycle Bell Makes Friends

Cycling Etiquette

Whether we are walking or cycling, it does not assist our peace of mind to be silently overtaken without warning. At the very least it can be discomforting. At worst it can lead to collision and injury.

As cyclists and pedestrians share more space in our evermore crowded isles, so we need to consider what we as individuals can do not only to make our own journeys safe and pleasant, but also the journeys of others.

In the Youtube clip below we invite you to consider the smooth uninterrupted journey of the cyclist, and the roll the bell played in gently warning pedestrians of his approach and in ensuring that all enjoyed their trip to this breathtaking location in North Wales:

Conwy Estuary (NCR5)     

and likewise in historic Chester - Chester City Centre

Cycling Etiquette - bell


For CTC’s view on cyclists sharing space with pedestrians click http://www.ctc.org.uk/campaigning/views-and-briefings/pedestrians