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Cycle Path Design

    The quality of cycle path design varies. On this page we look at a few examples of both the good and the 'iffy'.

    A major design weakness in cycle paths is when priority is given to traffic or pedestrians entering from the sides. After attaining a good cycling rhythm, riders are then expected to come to a halt for no good reason. There are some quite bizarre examples of cycle path stop lines around the country. In one instance halt signs were placed outside a gate leading into a field. It seems the gate had never been opened for at least fifteen years.

    A cycle path at Dyserth has give-way lines across it where it crosses a drive together with posts on both sides   

     Here at Dyserth we see cyclist injuries waiting to happen: either when a car comes out from the drive on this fast cycling commuter route, or a cyclist hits the post in the dark, or there is a cyclist pile-up when a novice comes to a dead stop at the lines.


A cycle path at Rhyl with steel barriers to force cyclists to dismount where the path crosses the entrance to a drive      We are still trying to make sense of this path at Rhyl where a woman cyclist dismounted to walk around the barriers, tripped on the kerb and injured her ankle.          








A cycle path where cyclists have priority when the path crosses another leading to the beach near Penmaenbach Walls have been lowered to improve visibility for cyclists on cycle path   
Here we have two pictures of good practice where the Welsh Assembly's Highways Department have not only improved visibility and safety for cyclists by lowering two walls, but have also painted a halt sign on the path leading from the beach on Route 5 at Penmaenbach. It's not clear however why this path was divided as it's hardly of highway proportions. For a paper on why cyclists are sometimes reluctant to come to a halt, click here. 


Cycle path on Colwyn promenade      Well done Conwy CBC and the Harbour Master for this path improvement! But what happened to the paint highlighting the barriers directly ahead? See if you can see them on a gloomy day or after sunset.