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Coastal Erosion: Pioneering New Method of Protecting a N. Wales Cycleway

   For some time now a specialist company called Willowbank have been using a traditional eco-friendly method to protect river banks from erosion.

   Llandulas Hill, part of the National Cycle Network,  has been chosen for a pioneering trial of their live willow spiling to prevent further slippage at the site as part of a scheme designed by the engineering firm Richards, Moorehead & Laing Ltd. Willowbank is excited because this is the first time they have used this method to combat coastal erosion and if it proves a success they hope to use it more extensively.

   Instead of the usual hard solutions such as steel, concrete or thick timber pilings they employ a natural technique that is hundreds of years old. Live willow stakes are driven into the ground and freshly harvested withies are weaved between and around the stakes to form a willow barrier. Within a few months the willow will start to provide fresh green shoots and foliage. The roots will also push their way into the bank and help drain and stabilise it.

   Regular users of this cycleway are looking forward to seeing the new shoots forming.

   Click here to see more details of this method on Willowbank's interesting website and here to visit Richards, Moorehead & Laing's website.