The Welsh Assembly Government is consulting the public in seeking to relieve congestion and study options for improving and increasing the volume of motor vehicles using the Britannia Bridge. This links Anglesey to mainland Wales and is a major transport corridor between Europe and Ireland.

At three public meetings there will be government officials and representatives of consultants, Atkins, available to 'answer questions'.

Will there be anyone on hand to answer questions on the Stern Report

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which warns that what we do in the next ten or twenty years can have a profound effect on climate change in the second half of this century?

Transport represents 22% of green house gas emissions. This must be reduced.

The Britannia Bridge is but one of the Welsh Assembly Government's plans for major road expansion in the next few years.

What future is there for our children and grandchildren if government does not acknowledge the contribution traffic emissions make to climate change? Is there not an urgent need to seek traffic restraint solutions, not traffic promotion quick fixes, to deal with the problem?