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A Biking Boost

Samaritans tell us the British are amongst the most stressed nations on earth - despite never having it so good (Click).

Our advice is On Yer Bike. Yes, seriously.

Even if you live in the centre of a city, you'll always find quieter roads to cycle close to home. And if you have the confidence, make eye contact with others as you ride along.

Give a cheery wave - or perhaps even a word of greeting. The advantage of the bike over walking is that you can pass by without being engaged in unwelcome conversations. And the chances are you'll make someone else's life that much brighter for the day. What better way of bringing us all closer together when daily it seems we are drifting apart.

Sprightly Sporty Spud, distant cousin of the slothful couch-bound relative.

Image by kind permission of Gary Drew www.garydrew.com


Retired Denbighshire consultant psychiatrist Dr Tom Trevelyan has no doubt that a regular cycling routine is good for both physical and mental health. A spin a day keeps the likes of him away - other than as a light companion of the road!