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Another promenade cycling ban proposed for north Wales

Most people following the cycling scene in north Wales will be aware of the preposterous cycling ban on Llandudno's north shore promenade.

From the same local authority, Conwy CBC, Cllr Ken Stevens (Labour, Penmaenmawr) is now demanding that cyclists should get off and push their bikes for a section of his own local promenade at Penmaenmawr. The fact that it is on Route 5 of the National Cycle Network, and is the main coastal cycle route between Chester and Holyhead counts for nothing, it seems, in his reckoning.

There is already an existing 'Cyclists Dismount' sign at the eastern end of the prom which is universally ignored by locals and long distance cycle tourists. But Cllr Stevens insists this should be renewed and reinforced with an additional sign at the western end of the prom in a signposting exercise following the opening of the Pen y Clip cycle bridges.

There is no bylaw prohibiting cycling on the prom, so at best the proposed signs can be no more than advisory - advice that cyclists entering a wide, and often nearly empty prom, will continue to ignore.

CTC Cymru is protesting at this attempt to sabotage the substantial investment of public funds on Pen y Clip. It is possible the signs will jeopardise a considerable amount of Connect2 funding which has been negotiated for an early upgrading of of the section of National Cycle Route 5 from Conwy Marina to Penmaenbach. This would re-route the path away from the edge of the A55, the danger of which deters most cyclists, to a scenic and safe route across Conwy Morfa.

We are given to understand that funding for this important attraction, which would benefit both pedestrians and cyclists, may not be confirmed if Conwy were to go ahead and ask cyclists to dismount for a stretch in the middle of NCR5. Also possibly threatened would be the funding for a proposed traffic-free route from to link the prom with the Pen y Clip bridges.

For just a glimpse of cycling life along the promenade, see the photos below

For anyone who wishes to communicate with Cllr Stevens, his email address is: http://www.conwy.gov.uk/drcllrbio.asp?cat=3505&doc=17027&cllr=45


Two men and two small children cycling on Penmaenmawr promenade in evening sunshine

 Family time on Pen prom


Photo of 4 cyclists on Penmaenmawr prom

Enjoying the views


Photo of 2 cyclists on Penmaenmawr prom

A Canadian and a Czech visitor enjoy the prom


Photo of a father accompanying his disabled son who is riding a special recumbent cycle

Paul is severely disabled, but finds a measure of independence riding his recumbent cycle. His father Chris shares quality time with him on his own bike


Photo of a family of Dutch touring cyclists on Penmaenmawr prom

Dutch tourists


Photo of grandmother, her daughter and tiny granddaughter

Three Generations


Photo of two cyclists on Penmaenmawr prom

A Mold couple for whom a trip to Penmaenmawr is well worth while


Young members of Conwy Borough Football Club at Penmaenmawr Beach Cafe on a sponsored ride to raise funds

Youngsters on a sponsored cycle ride at the beach cafe


Photo of small child with bicycle pointing to Cyclists Dismount sign

The existing sign at the eastern entrance to the prom. 'You've got to be taught before it's too late...' ( lyric from the musical South Pacific)