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All Steam Ahead for the Chester to Mickle Trafford Greenway

Cheshire County Council have made the following public announcement:-

With funding from the North West Development Agency it is proposed to construct the Chester - Mickle Trafford Greenway to form an extension of the Millennium Cycleway which currently terminates at Fairfield Road, Chester. The work will be organised and supervised by Cheshire County Council as part of the REVIVE brown-field regeneration in the Cheshire and Warrington sub region.

A green way is a traffic-free, off road route, that meets the needs of walkers, cyclists, horse riders.

Chester City Council granted planning permission in 1996 to Sustrans, the UK's leading sustainable transport charity, as part of the proposed cycle/footway from Station Lane, Mickle Trafford, through to Dee Marsh Junction, Shotton.

Work is due to commence in January 2009 on the removal of vegetation along the length of the former railway corridor to allow construction of the Greenway later in the year. In order to limit the impact on wildlife, it is important to complete the clearance of trees and shrubs before the start of the bird nesting season. The construction of this new Greenway, which will involve the laying down of a new hard surface, and the creation of ramped access points, is scheduled to start in the Summer of 2009. The construction works will be designed and supervised by Cheshire County Council's Engineering Service.

Some lengths of the old railway have not been maintained since the line was removed in 1992. Since then vegetation has encroached on to the old track bed and this will have to be cut back to allow access for the construction machinery. A number of mature trees and shrubs will be removed in the vicinity of Mannings Lane and other access points, where new ramps will be constructed to allow the Greenway to connect with the surrounding area. Whilst the contractor is on site, the opportunity will be taken to undertake tree management operations on the land under Sustrans ownership. For example, dead or dying trees will be removed to ensure the route is safe for public use. Elsewhere, young trees requiring pruning will ensure that those remaining will thrive to healthy maturity.

All clearance work has been planned with the approval of the landowner, Sustrans, and with the full involvement of specialist staff of both Chester City Council and Cheshire County Council. This includes experts in ecology, forestry and arboriculture. An ecological survey has been completed along the length of the route. The clearance work will be supervised by staff of Cheshire County Council's Regeneration Service. The overriding objective is the creation of an attractive green corridor that is safe for public use, whilst providing a home for wild life.

Note:- There will be a temporary diversion from the Millenium Greenway track between Parkgate Road and the Northgate Village access, so that the bridges at Victoria Road and Liverpool Road can be strengthened

Greenways are a safe haven for people and the natural world. Dogs, properly supervised by owners, are also welcomed