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20mph Activist Applauded as Road Safety Campaigner

A 20’s Plenty for Us Press Release – June 2014

20's Plenty for Us National Campaign Manager, Anna Semlyen, has been Highly Commended for the Living Streets Charles Maher Award. This recognises over 18 years of lobbying for road safety, speed and traffic reduction which has benefited pedestrians.

Anna Semlyen

Susie Morrow and Robert Molteno of 20’s Plenty for Wandsworth nominated Anna citing her focus on slower speeds and author of Cutting Your Car Use. Anna has recovered from serious road injuries. She successfully initiated and led 20’s Plenty for York (which is becoming a 20mph city), was elected City of York Councillor and chairs Economic and City Development Scrutiny. Her writing on sustainable transport and campaigning are widely read and cited.

The award recognises campaigning creativity and campaigning success. Anna does research, training and has the political know how to help others asking their Local Authority for Total 20mph limits with targeted 30mph. Over 13 million people live in authorities with this policy - up from 1.5 million when Anna began paid work for 20’s Plenty for Us in 2010.

20mph limits help walkers, cyclists and all road users. Crashes are both avoided (20% fewer) and less serious. It’s easier to cross the road and the public realm becomes cleaner, quieter and more sociable. Bristol found over 20% more walking and cycling in their 20mph pilot areas.

Anna was jubilant.

“Supporting over 230 branches wanting 20mph is wonderfully satisfying. Every day I see councillors are agreeing 20’s Plenty where people live, work, shop or learn. I’m delighted Living Streets have recognised my work at civilising our streets.”

Rod King MBE Founder of 20’s Plenty for Us said:

“I am delighted that Anna has won this acknowledgement of her success in supporting pedestrian safety both in her strong campaigning for 20’s Plenty for Us and her other work in making walking and cycling a viable alternative for so many people. With 20’s Plenty for Us campaigners twice being highly commended for this award in the past 4 years then this recognition from Living Streets of our effectiveness in turning so many places into better places for pedestrians is much appreciated.”

The Charles Maher awards page from Living Streets says Anna’s “work shows great commitment and dedication to improving pedestrian safety and public health”.


CTC’s Roy Spilsbury says:- CTC in Wales also pays tribute to the hard work and dedication of Anna Semlyen. Wales has much to learn from her example.

With Active Travel legislation now on the Welsh statute book, why are there no listed 20s Plenty schemes in Wales already?

Slower traffic speeds where people live is a crucial factor in encouraging more people to incorporate travel by cycle in their daily routines.